Aeródromo de Fuentemilanos

Enjoy a unique and different flight

Aeródromo de Fuentemilanos "Antonio González"

Segovia - España

Aeródromo de Fuentemilanos

Disfruta de un
vuelo único y diferente

Aeródromo de Fuentemilanos "Antonio González"

Segovia - España


Due to the installation of the new fuel tank for AVGAS 100LL, third-party refueling will not be possible in the coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Operating in Aerodrome Antonio González Fuentemilanos

In this aeródrome operate the “Aeroclub de Fuentemilanos” and “Aeronáutica del Guadarrama”. Access each of the services provided in the following links

Aeronáutica del Guadarrama

Fuentemilanos Aerodrome Antonio González. Segovia (España)

Coordenadas: 40º 54’N, 4º 14′ W | Elevación: 1001,8 m | Frecuencia de radio: 123.4 | Combustibles: AV GAS 100 LL y MO GAS 95 | Código OACI: LEFM



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Aerodrome Runways

Main: Asfalt, 1100m; orientation 16-34 | Taxy: Asfalt

Hangars and Parking area

3 Hangars with capacity of about 50 aircrafts. 3200 mts distributed in:

Hangar nº 1

Glider school DTO E052, Maintenance area and Painting room.

Hangar nº 2

Gliders and
Private planes.

Hangar nº 3

Private gliders and Maintenance area

Live Streaming

Bar Restaurant. Fuentemilanos aerodrome Antonio González.

Spacious dining room for a total of 50 diners with an attached cafe-bar of about 100 square meters.
Daily and weekend menu. We make meals to order and take away.

The two terraces available in our facilities give us the possibility of enjoying two different environements:

  • Terrace E with views of Segovia and the main Runway that will allow us to enjoy a wonderful view of the Sierra del Guadarrama and the ancient city of Segovia as well as observe the air traffic operations .
  • Terrace W with garden, large awning and barbecue.

All kind of dishes from spanish cuisine such as paella, roast pig, roast lamb, beans, etc.

For any type of reservation please consult us by phone:
647 56 70 64 (Jorge Gutiérrez Fernández)

Camping. Fuentemilanos aerodrome Antonio González. Segovia (España)

  •  72 plots with capacity of about 200 people.
  • Each plot has a 220 electrical outlet and some of them with running water.
  • 4 bungalows for 3 people with wardrobe, bathroom and air conditioning.
  • 8 bungalows recently built for 2 people  with wardrobe, full bathroom, air conditioning and basic kitchen.
  • Running water sources troughout the camping area.
  • Service building with office, briefing room, services, hot showers, laundry room, washing machine and cleaning warehouse.
  • Fire extinguishers troughout the camping area.
  • Swimming pool with surrounding green areas.
  • Further information and reservation contact with
Aeródromo de Fuentemilanos

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